Lbw Block And Lintel Slab Manufacturers

Lbw Block And Lintel are slab manufacturers based in the Gauteng Area. We Specialise in block and lintel slabs and have other services such as concrete block manufacturers & pre-stressed concrete suppliers.
We at Lbw Block And Lintel always:
  •  Looking after your slab manufacturer needs.
  •  LBW ensures that each query is personally and effectively handled.
  •  LBW Block and Lintel guides you from the beginning to the end of your project.
  •  Slabs professionally installed or DIY with help a call away.
  •  All engineers designs in accordance with S A B S codes.


Our factory is located in Devland, Johannesburg. Our factory has been in the forefront of the pre-stressing industry including engineering design and manufacturing. Internationally known for multi storey slab supply, our civil, structural and project management skills combined resources in over 30 years.

LBW Block and Lintel slab manufacturers of the best quality final products for the successful installation of RIB & BLOCK slabs in the following sizes, 170, 200, 255, 340 & 425 thick slabs.

Quality Control:

Quality controls systems are in place on various levels the wire tendons used in our products are certified. Our tensioning machines are made and serviced at regular intervals by the manufacturers of pressing pistons, Stress Tech, a local manufacturing mechanical engineering firm, supplying the accredited market for more than 15 years.

Our aggregates are quarried and supplied by AfriSam from the best granite rock in the Gauteng Region. Our cement is delivered in bulk also by AfriSam. We have a long relationship with the above Company. To make sure we only supply the best products we only use the best raw material for the slab manufacturing process.

Our Plant & Products are insured by outside insurers.

Lbw Block And Lintel Slab Manufacturers  

Contact Lbw Block And Lintel Slab Manufacturers today if you need any slabs or pre-stressed concrete lintels. Call us on 011 938 7085 or email us on or


Contact detail

Tel 011 938 7085
cell 082 335 4869
Fax 011 933 3454


11 & 15 Herbert street Devland 1813

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