Pre-stressed Concrete Slabs Suppliers

Lbw block and Lintel specialise in Pre-stressed Concrete Slabs & Lintels Suppliers based in Gauteng Area. We offer services such as pre-stressed concrete lintels,  pre-stressed concrete and concrete slab suppliers.

PL Badenhorst civil & structural consulting engineers are our in house Engineers and are also a 50 % partner in the LBW Block and Lintel Manufacturing CC.

All our slab designs are therefore designed professionally and in accordance with the relevant SABS codes.

PLB Consulting Engineers was established in 1982 and consists currently of two partners, registered members of The South African Institute of Civil Engineers, South African Association of Professional Engineers and The South African Association of Consultancy Engineers.
With a limit of R15 000 000-00 Professional Indemnity Insurance.

PLB Engineers have over 30 years’ experience in the design of Pre-Stressed concrete slabs, and was the Consultancy Engineer for Shofco / Fabcon for 15 years. Shofco / Fabcon were the first Pre-stressed concrete slabing company in South Africa.

PLB Engineers also specializes in other civil and structural projects for example: Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Airport Terminals, Airport control towers, KFC Buildings, Sasol Filling Stations and Motor Car Show Rooms (ALBERANTE BMW DEALERSHIP ALBERTON). Furthermore we specialize in Roads, Domestic and Fire Water, Sewer and Storm water Management Design Projects for township establishment.

Pre-stressed Concrete Slabs Suppliers Pre-stressed Concrete Slabs Suppliers Pre-stressed Concrete Slabs Suppliers

Contact Lbw Block And Lintel today if you need any pre-stressed concrete slabs suppliers. Call us on 011 938 7085 or email us on or

Address: 55 hillcrest ave Blairgowrie Johannesburg

Tel: 011 787 6093/8
Fax: 011 787 6210
Cell: 082 606 0832


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